Sleeping Away the Holidays

I feel like a drunk and passed out baby too.

Winter break: the perfect excuse to do nothing but sit around, read, sleep and eat which is exactly how I’ve spent the past week.

I’ve finished 3 books and started 3 more. Unfortunately  I still haven’t gotten through Game of Thrones though with all the boobs and sex, you’d think I’d finish rather quickly (winky). All this reading is partially because my new kindle has just arrived but mostly because I just don’t know what to do with all this time I suddenly find myself with. And my god, freedom from schoolwork  feels great!

Another activity I’ve been indulging in is eating. More specifically, eating chocolate. My family’s gotten several boxes of chocolate and cakes for Christmas and I’ve been gorging myself on them. I’m well on my way to my goal to gaining 10 pounds before the new year. All the fancy dinners I’ve been to haven’t helped matters either. I think I’ve eaten a month’s worth of regular dinner this week alone.

Aside from lazying around, there’s been plenty of partying for this blogger. But alas, ’tis not the fun sort of partying where everyone gets drunk and sexes each other.  ‘Tis the plague known only as Asian parties. It’s just a fancy dinner all for the purpose of showing off recent basement renovations or what have you to acquaintance followed by drunk karaokeing of 80’s Chinese pop songs and pingpong.   And the youngsters are left to play Wii and eat copious amounts of chocolate with people they’ve known most of their lives from the annual Asian parties. I learned two things at the Asian party at my house last night: it’s extremely awkward to have a pastor in your house when you haven’t gone to church in over a year and I mother fucking kick ass at Just Dance.

Maybe this is what being retired is like. And if it is why the hell are old people so cranky? I mean you get all this time to do whatever the hell you want and you don’t have to worry at all about the future. You can even go to North Korea just for kicks and giggles (which one of my old teachers did do right after she retired). I’d be one of those secretly awesome old people. I’d act all senile and angry at the world but when the yonions aren’t around, I’d be playing video games and otherwise rocking out all day. Man I just can’t wait to be king  old.



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