Like every melodramatic sap in the world, I’ve watched my share of sunrises but there’s one that will always stick out to me. It’s not every night (or morning technically) that you see some guy drag a possible murder victim to the dumpsters.

It was a nicely air-conditioned summer’s morn three years ago. My best friend was visiting for the week so we decided to make the most of our time by playing Pokemon and Rayman Raving Rabbids into the wee hours. The most productive thing we did that whole week was play a dance game on the Wii while eating fried dumplings. I say it was productive not because it accomplished anything actually substantial but because the whole eating whilst dancing thing is pretty hard to coordinate, especially when you add chopsticks into the equation.

And so our candy fueled ‘gaming’ led to that fateful night when my friend had sugar crashed and fallen asleep by three so I was left to my own devices which meant that I had to grind Pokemon all by myself. Oh the humanity! Eventually I did get bored of battling Pokemon ten levels under mine just to get that little bit of exp. without anyone to complain about it to so i resorted to walking around the living room in the dark. This was how it came about that I was looking out the apartment window at four AM at beautiful view of the parking lot and dumpsters outside.

It was strangely peaceful. It was that nice bit just before the sunrise when you can see the first beams of light crawling up the sky. It’s the anticipation that really gets me. There are moments in life when you feel like you’re just waiting and preparing. You spend the majority of your young life getting all learned up for the future and being told that certain things are restricted until you are older such as booze, freewill and the right to die for the landmass you’ve attached emotional significance to. I think I liked the waiting part better than the actual sunrise. I find that the longer you wait for something the more disappointing it actually is when it happens. So I tried to appreciate the just before bit of the sunrise which isn’t too hard because the diffusion of light blueness into dark blueness and all the colours that come in between is just magnificent. And that was the first time I really genuinely enjoyed the waiting part. I barely noticed the sun rising very very slowly and was a bit surprised when I saw the sky completely lit up.

Oh yeah and then some guy drove into the parking lot and threw a few big, heavy garbage bags from his trunk into the dumpster and drove off in a hurry.

[This is the first installment of my Lifescouts posts. For more information see the video and site.]



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